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We offer live interactive 1-to-1 and group online and live streaming class packages for children aged 4 to 15 regardless of where they are located. Children will learn Chinese, English, Coding and STEM topics online from qualified tutors from the United States, United Kingdom and China. Our unique learning approach in a social setting is loved by children and parents alike!

Live streaming

Live broadcasting is new way to learn. It’s the ultimate in immersive learning where star tutors conduct classes, students can ask questions, and have the video for an entire year! It is fun, easy and affordable! MDM is pround to introduce the broadcasting classes globally, in multiple markets. We only use the best technology and star tutors to optimise the chances of success at school.

Our Classes


MDM English Live Learning program is a highly acclaimed program (offered 1-to-1 or in small classes). For young children, we teach English through our signature Bee Smart encyclopedia videos which are fun and cover a variety of interesting subjects. For more advanced leaners, we emphasize on learning to help improve language studies and school preparation.


MDM Chinese Live Learning program provides modern and quality classes on Mandarin (offered 1-to-1 or in small classes). Using a leading standard and customized curriculum to suit tiered learning levels, users can improve Chinese skills and strengthen the fundamentals in Chinese in a measurable way by interactive learning from native speaking tutors.


MDM English + STEM is a unique program created to teach English with the reference to STEM topics. Children and youth aged 8-15 learns English using Science topics, including physics, chemistry, geography and nature as reference. MDM English + STEM Program is an effective way to teach a child English and at the same time integrate important science topics into their learning.


MDM uses world renowned MIT Media Lab developed Scratch to introduce programming to children; it is easy enough for a child of 6 years old to create a simple game or a 14 year old to develop an app. MDM also offers more advanced classes using Java, Python and C++, including Unity through which teenagers can learn to develop games.

Featured classes

Chinese Live Learning(YCT)
10 sessions for USD 60
Learn English with Bee Smart Encyclopedia
English + Knowledge with fun
10 sessions for USD 60
Intro to Programming - Scratch
MIT curriculum for young learners
10 sessions for USD 65


Eric G.

A certified teacher based in New York area and a college professor teaches game design, programming and multi-media production.
Enjoys teaching, cooking and riding bicycles

Jimena C.

Jimena is a top student major in Neuroscience at Northwestern University, USA. She is a curriculum developer in school and has Seal of Bi-literacy from Illinois State Board of Education.

Lorenzo Cesaro

A Multimedia Design college student and an English tutor from New Jersey, Lorenzo is also a budding entrepreneur with several design businesses in the making.

Carly H.

Carly was on her college's dance team. She majors in Communications with a passion for education. Carly taught practical grammar at the high school level and wants students to love reading as much as she does.

Arieta K.

Based in New Jersey, Arieta majors in speech pathology and was a part of the National Honor Society while in high school. Arieta enjoys tutoring in English, Math, and Reading Skills

Ning Hu

An experienced educator with master degree in Chinese literature. Former senior editors in well known Chinese magazines, and passionate about sharing her expertise of Chinese with the learners

Megan Dai

Graduated with a Master's Degree from Johns Hopkins, fluent in both English and Chinese, specialized in teaching children of different capabilities from high talent to ones with special needs