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Children Learning

Scholastic Online Reading

Scholastic is world’s largest publisher of children books, including Harry Potter and Clifford the Red Dog. MommyDaddyMe proudly partners with Scholastic to offer its top digital reading programs to users. Come to explore near 1,000 e-books online in Scholastic LP Library and other multi-media reading modules for kids!

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Live Learning

Learn STEM from the world's leading courses, Find a Book Buddy to read books together, learn English or Chinese with native speakers, enjoy interactive, customized online learning on various subjects with qualified tutors globally

Bee-Smart Encyclopedia

Our MDM signature knowledge video series help children see the world from home - videos are few minutes each, perfect length for the energetic young learners. Various interesting topics with narratives in English. Each video is accompanied by fun quizzes to help children strengthen knowledge on the topic. 3 levels suitable for different learners.

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A fun and interactive language learning software. Choose from 10+ world's major languages (such as English, Chinese, French, Spanish ) to read, write, listen, speak in 4-levels, 24 units and 144 sessions. It is enjoyed by millions of students worldwide

Parents’ Zone

Success Factor

Taccarino-Leonard Success Factor is a US-patented leading psychometric model for children. The user-friendly online assessment helps a parent discover a child's 6 success factors and 3 personality traits. Detailed assessment reports can guide further development plans for children. Start this critical step now to prepare for your child's successful future!

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Parental Training

Seeds Training has worked with millions of students in the world and is the #1 provider of youth training. Exclusively for MommyDaddyMe, Seeds Training develops a series of online video workshops with activities to provide valuable insights, guidance and tools on parenting that no parents can miss!

MDM Circle

Enjoy members’ benefits in a global/local market place we consolidate for you on kids-related products and services. Explore various services by partnering providers for your child in MDM Circle– three sixty, all-round kids development.

Family Social

Family Glue Time

Offered as part of our MommyDaddyMe (App) function. Spend more time together as a family– bake bread, write stories, make crafts, play outdoor and share these precious moments on our app’s “Family-Glue-Time” feature. Enjoy healthy family activities and earn rewards!


Offered as part of our MommyDaddyMe (App) function. Showcase children’s talents and creativity - drawing, storyline, music, sports, arts and crafts. Promote achievements in our “Bee-a-Star” programs. Every child is a star in own way. Let the potential be encouraged, noticed and liked!