Bee-Smart Encyclopedia Videos

Bee-Smart Encyclopedia videos are created with children’s curiosity and English learning in mind. Hundreds of videos are available. Each video is narrated in English, and together with interactive worksheets and quizzes, your child can acquire useful knowledge, while learning English! Our videos are a few minutes each - just the right length for energetic young learners. Videos can be re-watched anytime, anywhere. Open the magical door to world-wide knowledge for your child now!

Our topics range from animals, travel, sports, games, to art, health and social studies, with interesting subjects including the Arctic, Tennis, Amazon, 3D Organs, New Year customs and Indoor Ocean.

What we offer?

Rising Star

Rising Star videos are perfect for early learners. The pace of talking is slow and there are few words on the screen at once. Worksheets accompany these videos.

Topics are basic,suitable for 3 years and above.

Shining Star

Shining Star videos are a step up from Rising Star. Full phrases show on the screen at once, and most videos end with key vocabulary terms.

Topics are moderately complex.

Super Star

If your child is ready for a more advanced level, Super Star is the right choice. The pace of talking is natural, with full sentences on-screen.

Topics are advanced.

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