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MDM Chinese Live Learning

MDM Chinese Live Learning provides quality and interactive 1-to-1 sessions for children from age 4 to 15 who are interested in learning Chinese as their second language. MDM uses the internationally recognized test, Youth Chinese Test (YCT) as our curriculum framework. All Chinese Live Learning classes are taught by experienced and professional native language tutors. 

After finishing 4-level courses, your child is expected to communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily and academic lives. Parents can also arrange YCT test for child to build learning profile.

Course Framework- Level Map

  Level 4
  Level 3
  Level 2
  Level 1
Session Counts (suggested) 50 50 100 100
Vocabulary Learnt 80 86 158 360
functional items 20 32 46 Cover all grammar and function items from level 1 to level 4
Learning outcomes can use some most common Chinese vocabulary, phrases and sentences can use some simple Chinese vocabulary, phrases and sentences can use Chinese vocabulary, phrases and sentences to communicate on daily topics can use Chinese vocabulary, phrases and sentences to communicate in daily and academic lives

Course Packages Overview

  • 20-session, 50-session, 75-session, 100-session course packages are available.
  • Each session is 30min @USD 13 (and up) per session with your personal online Chinese tutor
  • Each package comes with initial consultation with parent/child and a course evaluation

Cultural Immersion Visits

Visit summer camps, learning centers, special programs, interactive with the natives - learn faster! This is our special service to our learners. You can make a request and we will organize

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