MDM Live Learning - Coding

MDM provides a powerful programming education. Scratch, which was developed specifically for younger students, will help with understanding foundational programming concepts. Python, the world’s most popular coding language, is a versatile tool for creating anything from databases to utility applications. Unity is an advanced engine where students can create video games!


Scratch -Intro Course (10 sessions)

Start with the basics! Learn about blocks, conditional statements, and loops! Make your own original stories, games, and other interactive projects. After finishing this course, students will be ready to take the Advanced Scratch course!

Scratch - Advanced Course (40 sessions)

Go deeper with Scratch and explore the many possibilities! Learn about new Extensions! Make your own musical projects, stories, and advanced video games! After finishing this course, students will know most of the features Scratch has to offer. They will feel comfortable taking MDM Python courses!

Scratch is developed by Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab (

Advanced Coding from MDM:

These courses are designed for students who already have a basic understanding of programming


Intermediate Coder Course - 64 Sessions Python is clear, readable, and can be used for many purposes. It is quickly becoming the most frequently taught first language at universities. Get a head start on the future by taking our course!


Game Maker Course- 64 Sessions Students will gain invaluable experience with a powerful 3D game engine. They will create 3D and 2D games (at least 4) that can be shared and played on multiple platforms. If you like games, learn how to make them!