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We offer high-quality and interactive 1-to-1 or small grounp online class packages for children from age 4 to 15. Children will learn languages, coding and other STEM subjects online anytime and anywhere taught by qualified global tutors, using our state of the art learning platform.

Our Resources

  • High quality curriculum of industry leading standard.
  • Tutors are vetted and experienced
  • Language tutors are professional native speakers

Value for You

  • Interactive online learning with private tutor, anytime, anywhere
  • Clear level progression and course map
  • Add-on opportunity for learning immersion programs/visits

Class Flow

  • Find a course that interests you, register/login as a parent user
  • Pay the course or schedule a FREE trial 30-min session for you/your child
  • We will contact you or please “CONTACT US” to fix session time

What Do We Offer?

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We offer top quality curriculum taught by our hand-picked global tutors who are trained native speakers. Customized to your level and interest with some of the world's best learning materials. Learn English, Chinese and more! Each online session is 30 minutes.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (S.T.E.M) started in the U.S. and has been widely accepted worldwide. To prepare your children for the modern world of technology, our S.T.E.M. programs help spark their curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, with kids-friendly coding classes, modern tools and practices. Start them now!