Taccarino-Leonard Success Factor Assessment

Taccarino-Leonard Success Factor Assessment is a U.S. Patented Psychometric Assessment For children, also a decade-long research product and psychometric model created by two renowned U.S. professors and behavioral psychologists.

What we offer?

Discover your child’s 6 success factors

• Success Drive
• Internal Motivation and Self-Regulation
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Affective Effectiveness
• Self-Potency
• Self-Valuing

Discover selected personal traits

• Introversion / Extroversion
• Analytical / Creative
• Happy / Unhappy

3-Step Success Factor Journey

Online Assessment
  • 70 Child-friendly pictorial questions
  • Respond objectively with your child
  • 15-30 minute completion time
  • Single, smaller modules also available
Detailed Report
  • Overall strength on S-Factor & elements
  • Detailed analysis of child’s results
  • Immediately available post assessment
Consultation with specialists
  • Analyze each factor component
  • Understand your child’s unique profile
  • Live consultation online or offline with specialists or family counselors

Bio of Prof. John Taccarino

The model creator of S (Success) Factor

Dr. John Taccarino is a US licensed clinical psychologist and university professor with PhD. From Northwestern University. Dr. Taccarino is currently a Professor in the College of Education at DePaul University.

In three decade-long of academic research and practice in psychometric studies, Dr. Taccarino has edited and authored tests and manuals for many widely popular personality assessments published by Stoelting (a leading psychological assessments company in the U.S. with 130 year history) and Western Psychological Services.

His recent year publications include books“:” “S(Success) Factor, Psychological Roots of Success.”, “The Choices of the Soul”, and “Learning How to Succeed” illustrate his original theory of the S(Success) Factor and online assessment model developed for children and young adults. This online assessment is made available worldwide through MommyDaddyMe.com.

Dr. Taccarino has been profiled in Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Medicine, Who’s Who in American Education and Outstanding American Educators. In the area of creative writing, John received an Angel Award for Best Epic/Historical screenplay at the 2011 Angel Awards Ceremony in Monaco.

Message from Professor