Scholastic Online Reading Helps Create Successful Readers

Scholastic is the world’s largest publisher of children's books, including Harry Potter and Clifford the Red Dog. Come to explore near 1,000 e-books online in Scholastic LP Library and other multi-media reading modules for kids! Scholastic LP Library module also includes Lexile score assessment for children’s reading levels to recommend level-appropriate books for children.

(Offered to MDM users in Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam only)

What we offer?

Literacy Pro and Literacy Pro Library

An online Lexile reading assessment and user-friendly program with access to a tailored Scholastic near 1,000 e-books inventory.


Interactive fiction and non-fiction e-books suitable for beginning and younger readers. Suitable for age 3-9 years old.


Engaging non-fiction e-books to take your beginning readers to the next level. Suitable for age 8-12 years old.