Partnership with Scholastic

MommyDaddyMe is proud to partner with Scholastic Asia to offer top digital reading programs to users.

How does Lexile measurement help develop successful readers?

Children with successful reading habits need to be matched with level-appropriate books to feel encouraged and have fun. The Lexile measurement for reading is a US-based, scientific approach that matches text to readers. Through Scholastic’s Literacy Pro subscription, children takes a free online assessment to find out their Lexile score (ranges between 0 to 2000). Scholastic Literacy system will identify and recommend level-appropriate books for children, based on their Lexile scores.

What we offer?

Literacy Pro and Literacy Pro Library

An online Lexile reading assessment and user-friendly program with access to a tailored Scholastic near 1,000 e-books inventory.


Interactive fiction and non-fiction e-books suitable for beginning and younger readers. Suitable for age 3-9 years old.


Engaging non-fiction e-books to take your beginning readers to the next level. Suitable for age 8-12 years old.