Parental Education

Since 1993, Seeds has worked with millions of students around the world, and in collaboration with MommyDaddyMe, Seeds Training offers a series of workshops to help parents develop and coach their children. Each workshop contains a series of short videos with accompanying parental worksheets for practice.

Express Yourself
Brain 101

What we offer?

Workshop 1:

How Your Child Learns

All kids are born with tremendous learning capabilities, and this workshop will teach you how the brain works and how to build its capacity for learning.

Workshop 2:

How to Coach Your Child

Effective coaching requires a toolbox of skills, and this workshop is full of strategies for coaching your children.

Workshop 3:

Goal Setting and Planning

Understand how to help your child take long-term goals and break them into easily achievable short-term goals.

Workshop 4:

The Learning Styles - Intro

This workshop introduces parents to the different learning channels we all have, and explains how understanding your child's learning style can help them take more responsibility for their own learning.

Workshop 5:

Communication Power Tools

These tools come from the world's best communication coaches and have been re-engineered to help parents communicate with children.

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