Success Factor Zone

Do you truly understand your child?

  • US patented leading psychometric model for children
  • Discover 6 critical success factors and 3 personality traits
  • Assess, report, interpret and develop – whole solution
  • Live consultation with experts.

Learning Symposium

Enjoy world’s leading learning programs

  • World’s top digital reading programs - we partner with Scholastic, the largest educational publisher, to offer you a 1000-ebook library right in your home. more
  • Online live learning classes - modern topics, international tutors. more
  • 10+ major languages learning software, fun, interactive. more
  • Parental training online workshops, insightful, exclusive! more

Family Social Time

Promote healthy social share!

  • Guided social functions with parental dashboard – parents approve and guide, kids connect and enjoy
  • Showcase children’s talents and creativity in “Bee-a-Star”
  • Share family moments, interactions on projects in “Family Glue Time”
  • We lead a culture of healthy family social interaction, supporting children’s online safety.

Fun Zone

Play, Laugh, Fun!

  • Come to explore kids-friendly emojis and stories - featuring Chipsleys, who are liked by millions of fans. more
  • Meaningful play and educational games - science topics, puzzle solving, virtual cultural tours, music and sports. more


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