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A New York State high school teacher for over 20 years. Extensive experience in teaching Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biology and Astronomy. Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s in Education from SUNY, another Master’s in Environment from Duke University. David has a passion for education and strives for exceptional learning outcomes for his students.

Yi Long

Yi Long has decades long distinguished math education career mostly in US and earlier years in China. A number of his students scored perfect 800 on SAT Math and won math competitions at State and National level. His students achieved a 90% pass rate on Credit by Exam provided by PISD, FISD. He holds a Master’s in Math and Computer Science from Minnesota University.


A NY-based neuroscientist and accomplished tutor with rich experience in teaching high achieving learners, on all math and science subjects. His students improved greatly on SAT, ACT Tests, and many get admitted to top schools or attend prestigious universities in the US. Hemal has a PhD. from University of Pennsylvania. He runs neuroscience experiments of learning & memory in spare time.
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Louisa is a UK-based innovative and engaging EFL instructor with rich international experience. She is very familiar with pedagogic research on children’s language learning, and actively involves students in learning journeys with fun and interest. She is very popular among students in Europe and Asia on English reading sessions and phonics training.


A certified teacher with over 10 years of experience on all English Language Arts subjects, including TEFL. Lauren has taught in U.S., Japan and Thailand, among many other locations. Based in New York, Lauren has a passion for helping others. She takes part in many volunteering efforts and loves traveling around the world to meet new people.


Eloise is a multi-lingual instructor with highly accomplished track record. She has worked with many leading organizations on translation, events, including United Nation, Cartier, Netflix, Asian Games. Her students are from US, UK, Korea,Japan. Eloise teaches languages and culture. She holds degrees from Beijing International Studies University, London School of Economics and Université d’Orléans


Bryan is a Martial Art Instructor with 20 years of experience, also an educator and High School Assistant Principal in California. He is a Martial Art instructor under Sifu Guro Dan Inosanto in Jun Fan (Bruce Lee) Jeet Kune Do , under Sifu Francis Fong for Wing Chun, and under Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute for Thai Boxing. Brian has a Master in Educational Multi-media and a PhD in Education.


Eric is an experienced teacher on coding and game designs based in US. He teaches learners from kids to colleague students on Game Design, Programming and Multimedia Production. Eric has a Master’s in Game Design and Development, a teaching degree from Seton Hall University and a Bachelor's in English and Film Studies from Rutgers University.


Karley is a licensed educator in Washington D.C. and an entrepreneur operates 21st Century Life & Career Skills educational enrichment programs. She has many years of experience working in the private, public, university and K-12 settings. She is a certified teacher of English Language Learners (ELL). Karley holds a Master’s in Public Policy Administration, and a Bachelor’s from Ohio University.
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