Safe Social Networking and Knowledge Sharing Platform for Children and Families

In this ever changing world that we live in, do you want your children to be technology savvy? Do you want your children to be able to connect with others and receive customized learning in a fun and secure environment? If your answers are Yes, this is the platform for you and your children.

Our Key Features

Connecting Children

We provide tools for children around the world to connect and interact in a safe and controlled environment, supervised virtually by parents.

Success Assessment

We offer the US-patented TL Success Factor Assessment so that parents can better understand their children's personal traits and emotional profiles.


We offer your child a global learning experience through online live sessions with tutors worldwide, as well as interactive language training portals used by millions of students around the globe.


Showcase children’s talents and unleash their creativity to be a Star! Spend valuable bonding time with your children on activities in our “Family Glue Time”!

And a lot more ...

Parental Education

Parents need support too! We offer professional online video workshops and offline activities specialized in parental skills training so you can better understand your children's behaviors.

Shop Safe, Shop Smart

We also care about your children's physical safety and well-being. Here you can find GPS guided children safety watches, anti-pollution masks and other products supplied by our strategic partners.

Educational Games

We offer educational entertainment and provide online games that help children play and acquire real-world life skills and learning in a fun and meaningful way.

Cyber Wellness & Parental Oversight

Through a dedicated dashboard, parents can grant access, monitor activities, approve friend requests, and manage reward allowances for their children.

Protecting Your Child Online

At, we recognize the potential risks that children growing up in the fast-paced digital era.

We have taken specific measures to ensure an innovative, healthy, and rewarding online experience.

Together we can create a great safe and secure community for children around the globe!