A Revolutionary Way to
Increase Your Child’s Chances of Success at School and in Life

Pioneer Social Connectivity to
Integrate Children’s Development Resources

Success comes from preparation

A child needs both academic and soft skills to excel; MommyDaddyMe integrates the world’s best resources to help parents develop their children for the future.  

A responsible global social media for children and families

Enjoy peace of mind when your child uses social media. Our platform pioneers social connectivity to link up children and parents. Children interact safely online with parental supervision, families share positive experiences with others.

MommyDaddyMe nurtures well-rounded children by empowering them to learn, play, share and connect in the modern society.

For Children

Emotional Intelligence

Start the family journey with a tool to better understand a child. The patented model of Success Factor Assessment is widely welcomed by parents in the US, China and India. Login to discover a child’s success potential and emotional intelligence now

Fun Learning

Enjoy the world’s best Scholastic online reading, watch Bee-Smart encyclopedia like videos, learn STEM and languages from global tutors via online classes. Sign up to enjoy modern learning anytime, anywhere.

Connect Friends

Use the family-focused MommyDaddyMe app to train children exploring social media for the right purposes. Children connect to share responsibly with parental guidance and system’s safety feature. Parents can enjoy too!

Show Talents

Showcase children’s talents and creativity - drawing, storyline, music, sports, arts and crafts. Promote achievements in our “Bee-a-Star” programs. Every child is a star in own way. Let the potential be encouraged and optimized here.

For Parents

MDM Circle

Enjoy members’ benefits in a global/local market place we consolidate for you on kids-related products and services. Explore various services by partnering providers for your child in MDM Circle– three sixty, all-round kids development.

Parental Training

Watch valuable parenting tips and insights, practice tools offered in our online video workshop with your child to strengthen parent-child communication and bonding. Seeds Training’s leading programs are exclusive to MDM.

Family Glue Time

Spend more off-screen time together with your child – bake bread, write stories, make crafts, play outdoor and share these precious moments on our app’s “Family-Glue-Time” feature. Enjoy healthy family activities and earn rewards!


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