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Nowadays, our busy lives force us to reduce the time we used to spend together as a child in communities with our neighbors and friends. Meanwhile, with the internet often carrying unwanted contents, we tend to limit or prevent our children from tools of interaction online due to the lack of proper safeguarding tools for families. Taking the joy of sharing away from children is not good. There needs to be a balance.

MommyDaddyMe is built for that purpose – creating a safe online environment to connect children and parents for sharing and bringing the best children development resources to the doorstep of families. We can optimize children’s potential by letting them learn beyond borders and inspiring them to create beautiful things with the help of others.

Today, MommyDaddyMe lays a foundation for a trusted online place for families. It prepares children for the future, facilities community learning and cultural exchanges; and encourages quality collaboration of children-to-children, parents-to-children and families-to-families.

—— Javed and Leslie

What is MDM

MommyDaddyMe is a safe and secure global platform for children and families like no other!

Provide global connectivity, best-in-class knowledge share, and healthy social networking for young kids (4-12 year old) and their parents.

Enable diverse knowledge sharing and online learning among children, parents and educators without the constraint of borders.

Establish a ground-breaking network for children learning and activity centers to create synergy and collaboration.


Children and technology are our future, so we want to start the practice early and right. Today, with the ever-evolving Internet being easily accessible by children, it’s paramount that we guide them for the best practice.

We treat children cyber wellness as a top priority, also lead a culture for it.

Parents' participation is an integral part of their children's success. We bring families together to enjoy precious moments and meaningful interactions for a healthy social experience.

It takes a lot for a child to thrive in today's world, and to be emotionally and physically prepared for the future. We help develop your child for the exact purpose.

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