Our Mission

What We Aim to Accomplish

We change the world by creating new concept of learning and connecting. Our missions is to establish a leading online platform and ecosystem for children, parents and families around the world to communicate, learn and grow together.

Through our integrated learning programs, we enable children to access world class educational resources with scalable technologies such as interactive online classrooms on core subjects and holistic development

On one hand, we develop learners to reach their highest aspirations and potentials. On the other hand, we dedicate ourselves to bringing affordable quality education to under resourced societies

Through our innovative family focused social app, we encourage responsible use of social networking tools, and pioneer a safe online community that both children and parents can benefit from.

Founders' Message

What Inspired Us

Nowadays, our busy lives limit the time we used to spend together as families. Meanwhile, with the internet often filled with unwanted contents, we as parents, tend to prevent our children from going online. But simply taking the joy of exploring online away from our children is not the best solution. We need to find a balance.

MommyDaddyMe is created for that purpose – providing a safe online environment to connect children and parents for them to share best practices and enjoy the access to world class learning and personal development. We optimize children’s potential by offering opportunities to learn beyond borders and inspiring them to prepare for future success.

Let us lay a foundation for a trusted online platform for families that encourages quality collaboration of children-to-children, parents-to-children and families-to-families.

—— Javed and Leslie


MommyDaddyMe and Shohoz (#1 Super App in Bangladesh) jointly launch Shohoz Learn

MommyDaddyMe.com is very excited to partner with Shohoz, Bangladesh's #1 Super App to bring best-in-class digital learning and EdTech resources to doorsteps of millions of learners in the country. Starting with Scholastic eBooks, there are many great products to be launched on Shohoz Learn.

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TaoPing and Ivy Intl Education Joint Venture to expand MommyDaddyMe services in China

Ivy International Education - our fully authorised partner in Mainland China market, forms a joint venture with TaoPing Inc ,a leading provider of internet-based smart display advertising screens across China, to bring excellent global resources from MommyDaddyMe and provide future generations with high quality K-12 online education.

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It’s official! We are live with SCMP!

MommyDaddyMe team is proud to start our partnership with South China Morning Post, the premier news media group in Hong Kong and the region. The joint learning platform incorporates award winning ebooks from Scholastic, popular videos from Kids Learning Tube, Posties’ audible e-newspaper, among others. MommyDaddyMe is dedicated to brining world class learning resources at the doorsteps of school children in Hong Kong and the region. Please visit our site: https://www.postieslearning.com/login

MommyDaddyMe.com partners with China Tai Ping's Client Portal to launch new online education module

August 29th marked a special day and great moment for MommyDaddyMe.com. On this day, MommyDaddyMe.com commenced its partnership with China Tai Ping's main client portal. Tai Ping is one of the most prestigious and major financial and insurance groups in Greater China. MommyDaddyMe’s world class curated contents are now prominently placed on Tai Ping’s client portal that can be accessed and enjoyed by millions.

Collaboration with Jersey College Of Girls

MommyDaddyMe.com proudly announces its partnership with Jersey College of Girls (JCG), a premier residential pre-university school for girls in Jersey, Channel Islands.

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Watch live TV interview on MommyDaddyMe by Global News Network's "On the Corporate World" program

Howell Mabalot host the Co-Founders of Mommydaddyme.com in a live 25-minute broadcast to discuss the online platform's business to connect children and parents around the world.

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Hong Kong Trade Development Council on MDM

"Connecting children, parents and educators in a safe and friendly space, MommyDaddyMe.com helps children interact with friends, learn from educators, and collaborate with family members."

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