What is MDM

MommyDaddyMe is a safe and secure global platform for children and families like no other!

  • Provide global connectivity, best-in-class knowledge share, and healthy social networking for young kids (4-12 year old) and their parents.
  • Prepare and develop children for the connected world with parental guidance, using modern technology to promote healthy, collaborative family interactions.
  • Enable diverse knowledge sharing and online learning among children, parents and educators without the constraint of borders.
  • Establish a ground-breaking network for children learning and activity centers to create synergy and collaboration.

We connect families, connect kids. We define the family way of online life!


  • Children and technology are our future, so we want to start the practice early and right. Today, with the ever-evolving Internet being easily accessible by children, it’s paramount that we guide them for the best practice.
  • We treat children cyber wellness as a top priority, also lead a culture for it.
  • Parents' participation is an integral part of their children's success. We bring families together to enjoy precious moments and meaningful interactions for a healthy social experience.
  • It takes a lot for a child to thrive in today's world, and to be emotionally and physically prepared for the future. We help develop your child for the exact purpose.

MommyDaddyMe is built by families, for families and grows with families!

Our Team

Our MommyDaddyMe team is a group of talented, creative, and dedicated young professionals of diverse background who share the same passion and dreams in building our platform to be the one that many children and families can enjoy.

Each one of us contributes own expertise in technologies, game designs, early childhood education, music arts and merchandising operations. Collectively we thrive on one common goal – to offer our clients great products and services under the proud name of MommyDaddyMe.

Meet the Team in HK & China

  • Senior software engineers and web developers who are experienced in building platforms of various scales
  • Operational executives who lead contents affiliation, live education and merchandising programs
  • Young geek-like IT programmers who are ever-curious about trying new things
  • Game design professionals who are keen on edutainment development

Meet the Team in US

  • Senior programmer educated by top engineering schools in the US
  • Experienced and creative game designers, artists, programmers who were trained at elite graduate schools and made games featured in 128 countries on Apple Store
  • Keen on new technologies that will benefit new education for children

Meet the Team in India

  • Senior IT executive who has led technology division in large institutions
  • Artists who are experienced in graphic, video and web designs
  • Programmers who are familiar with 2D/3D animation and other technologies

Our Partners


If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us.