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Watch live TV interview on MommyDaddyMe by Golden Nation Network's "On the Corporate World" program
Howell Mabalot host the Co-Founders of Mommydaddyme.com in a live 25-minute broadcast to discuss the online platform's business to connect children and parents around the world.
We are live with SCMP!
MommyDaddyMe team is proud to start our partnership with South China Morning Post, the premier news media group in Asia. The joint learning platform incorporates award winning ebooks from Scholastic, Posties’ audible e-newspaper, among others. MommyDaddyMe is dedicated to brining world class learning resources at the doorsteps of school children in Hong Kong and the region.
Hong Kong Trade Development Council on MDM
Connecting children, parents and educators in a safe and friendly space, MommyDaddyMe.com helps the next generation interact with friends, learn from educators, and collaborate with each others
MommyDaddyMe.com partners with China Tai Ping's Client Portal to launch new online education module
MommyDaddyMe.com commenced its partnership with China Tai Ping's main client portal. Tai Ping is one of the most prestigious and major financial and insurance groups in Greater China. MommyDaddyMe’s world class curated contents are now prominently placed on Tai Ping’s client portal that can be accessed and enjoyed by millions.